Ingenious Computing and the AME

Dimension Technologies has developed several Electronic Proofs of Concept (EPOCs) or prototypes for various clients where the ‘seed capital’ has been largely provided by the Australian Multimedia Enterprises Limited (AME).

Examples include:

  1. Caludon Pty Ltd
    • Business Ethics
    • Effective Listening
    Both developed using Looking Glass ‘MediaVerse’

  2. Libby Hathorn Developed by DTPL using Macromedia Director and HTML/Perl.

  3. Gut Foundation
    • Good Gut Guide
    Developed using Macromedia Director.

  4. Musicom Pty Ltd.
    • Learn Music – Rhythm 1 and 2
    Developed using Macromedia Director.
Details of most of the above projects are confidential to the AME and the respective producers.

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