Return to Ingenious Computing Home Page Ingenious Computing Pty Limited is a consulting organisation specialising in the application of multimedia technologies. Our objectives are to assist clients to make efficient use of these technologies in the development of more effective training and marketing materials.

Multimedia applications use personal computers as the delivery platform for training programs and marketing presentations that incorporate high quality graphics and video and sound segments.

Our multimedia applications feature a high level of interactivity, where staff and customers use the systems, at their own pace and according to their individual requirements. The techniques attract attention and enhance information absorption and retention, making the applications highly effective for the outlay.

Ingenious Computing Pty Ltd not only designs stand-alone systems, but also can provide Web based applications, giving clients an effective presence on the Internet. These applications can be as simple as straight marketing material or extended to fully developed, interactive, on-line training.

The major application areas for our expertise are as follows:

Our company is able to assist in two ways.

  1. Undertaking full development from conceptual design to commissioning on a fee-for-service basis while working closely with a client's subject matter specialists.
  2. Supply of development (authoring) software and training client staff to be self-sufficient multi-media title developers.

Our company, established in 1998, builds on the expertise gained from Dimension Technologies (established in 1988). It has a permanent technical staff with expertise in the following specialist areas:

Our services and systems are used by major private and public sector organisations throughout Australia.

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