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This interactive multimedia application is designed to 'showcase' the range of BHP's "Colorbond" roofing and guttering products.

Users choose a home from a range of displayed homes and then explore the effects of changing the colour of the "Colorbond" roofing from 16 available colours. The system then allows the user to view 'close-ups' of guttering with further colour variation options.

Information is also available on the "Colorbond" process.

This is a first-class example of multi-media technology being used for marketing purposes. The application is intended for use mainly in connection with A.V. Jennings display home 'villages' around Australia.

Technical Details:
  1. Microsoft Windows application
  2. Resolution 800 x 600 pixels
  3. 16.7 million (24-bit) colour images with 64,000 colour display
  4. Microtouch 'ClearTek' Touch screen
  5. ReelMagic MPEG full motion digital video
  6. 16-bit, 22KHz digital audio 'voice-overs'
  7. Developed using Microsoft Visual Basic


Designed and developed by Dimension Technologies Pty Limited for BHP Building Products.

This system was developed exclusively for BHP Building Products ans is not for sale. Similar applications can be developed to suit individual client needs.

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