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James Hardie - "Autoclave Safety CAL"


An autoclave is a high pressure vessel that is used at James Hardie to cure the company’s building board products. These autoclaves operate at high temperature (180(C) and high pressure (900kpa) and are potentially extremely dangerous.

This 2-3 hour CAL course instructs operators in stringent autoclave safe operating procedures, covering closing and securing, charging with steam and opening the vessel when curing is complete. The course includes a comprehensive competency test.


Technical Details:

  1. MS Windows application
  2. 640 x 480 Screen resolution with 256 colours
  3. Developed using TenCORE LAS Version 7.0


System Requirements:

  1. Requires IBM 386 (compatibile) or better
  2. SVGA video card
  3. Windows 3.1 or better
  4. 10Mb free disk space



Designed and developed by Dimension Technologies Pty Limited for James Hardie.

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