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Department of Defence

"Minimum Essential Emergency Network (MEEN)"


Dimension Technologies Pty Limited has developed approximately 10 hours of computer based training for the Department of Defence (DOD) on the operation and maintenance of the DOD MEEN Radio Frequency communication and messaging system.

The CBT is directed to the needs of experienced communications personnel.

MEEN equipment is housed in two 'cabinets' viz RF Cabinet (Power Amplifier, Transceiver, Data Modem, ACE Controller etc) and the DP Cabinet (Vocoder, Kilomux, SCE System, Trusted Filter, Cryptographic System etc). The CBT covers the use and maintenance of each sub-system.

MEEN is controlled by a sophisticated MS Windows application, essentially a messaging system with detailed security controls.The CBT simulates this system and trains DOD staff in messaging by means of detailed case studies.

Features of the CBT are a competency test and a full audit trail. The CBT is available as a stand alone application or as an option on the MEEN 'Help' pull-down menu.


Technical Details:

  1. MS Windows application
  2. 640 x 480 resolution with 16 colours
  3. Developed using TourGuide for Windows and MS Visual Basic.


System Requirements:

  1. Requires IBM 286 (compatibile) or better
  2. VGA video card
  3. Windows 3.0 or better
  4. 5Mb free disk space



Designed and developed by Dimension Technologies Pty Limited for Siemens Plessey Pty Limited.

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