Macquarie Australian Atlas


The Macquarie Australian Atlas on CD-ROM provides a superb collection of maps and related information about the Australian continent.

Wherever possible mapping is supplemented by text descriptions. Exceptional navigation, searching and information retrieval facilities are provided through a system of Tabs and Toolbar.

The Atlas consists of the following map collections:

  • Physical or Geographic Maps
    • Whole of Australia Scale 1:50,000,000
    • State level 1:20,000,000
    • Regional level 1: 5,000,000
    • Detailed level 1: 2,500,000
  • The Land (Geology, Water Resources etc)
  • The People (Population Density, Exploration etc)
  • Metropolitan Maps
  • Antarctica

Users are able to:

  • Use Tabs to move to another map collection
  • Zoom In/Out from one map level to another
  • Search for places by name and latitude/longitude
  • View information about places
  • Add freehand overlays or drawings to maps
  • Estimate distances between places
  • Print maps and related text.

Technical Details:

  1. MS Windows application
  2. 800 x 600 resolution in 256 or 16 million colours
  3. Digital Audio
  4. Developed in MS Visual Basic V3.0


Designed and developed by Dimension Technologies Pty Limited for Macquarie Multimedia

The Macquarie Australia Atlas is distibuted by Macquarie On-line.

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