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PSA - "New Drugs in Context"


This course is a collection of five modules designed to test a pharmacist's knowledge of drugs. At this point four of the five modules have been completed.

The first module allows pharmacists to apply the theoretical knowledge obtained in PSA's Essential CPE booklet on Depression to 'real life' practice situations.

The module consists of 10 separate case studies. Each case study contains three multiple choice questions which require the pharmacist to pull together drug information, counselling techniques and disease-state knowledge.


Technical Details:

  1. MS Windows application
  2. 640 x 480 Screen resolution with 256 colours
  3. Developed using TenCORE LAS Version 8.0 and 8.5
  4. Can be delivered via the Internet - Try it


System Requirements:

  1. Requires IBM 386 (compatibile) or better
  2. SVGA video card
  3. Windows 3.1 or better
  4. 2Mb free disk space



Designed and developed by Dimension Technologies Pty Limited and Ingenious Computing Pty Ltd for PSA.

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