NSW Roads and Traffic Authority

"Customer Information System"


The Customer Information System 'Kiosk' was developed to help the Roads and Traffic Authority deal with the 18 million inquires received each year. This system is used in Motor Registry Offices, Shopping Centres etc. Customers access the information without tying up Roads and Traffic Authority staff.

A feature of the system is the extensive use of broadcast quality video from a 12" laser video disk.

The system draws information from an array of RTA printed materials and well-known television commercials.
The system covers:

Information is accessed in several different ways; via hierarchical menus, from an organisation diagram and from an alphabetical index. The system is both touch-screen and key-board operated. The key-board version also allows key-board entry of inquires eg 'taxis', 'baby' etc. Usage of the system is fully recorded.

Technical Details:
  1. MS DOS application
  2. 1024 x 768 resolution with 256 colours
  3. MicroTouch Touch System
  4. Analog Video from Laser Video Disk
  5. Digital audio using SoundBlaster
  6. Video Logic DVA-4000 Video overlay
  7. Developed using TenCORE LAS V 4.1


Designed and developed by Dimension Technologies Pty Limited, in conjunction with Film Australia.

This system was developed exclusively for the Roads and Traffic Authority and is not for sale. Similar applications can be developed to suit individuals client needs.

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